10 Housewarming Gifts That Are Actually Useful

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What gift should we get? – Is the first question that pops into our mind when invited to a housewarming. Sometimes, new homeowners themselves are unsure of what would make a great gift.

Many of these items are ones you might not think of purchasing for your home. However, they can come in handy at some point in time and are great for new homeowners. Here are 10 housewarming gifts that will not end up in the trash.

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#1 Wine Bottle Opener Set

An opener set that includes a wine opener as well as a bottle opener would come in handy for any new homeowner. Basic sets should include at least a lever corkscrew wine opener and a bottle stopper. Gifts can also include a bottle opener for beers and other bottled…

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How Do You Name a Not-Quite-Fat Ken Doll?


The new lineup of Ken Dolls — seeking to represent a more multicultural, physically diverse populace (read: client base) — landed earlier this week to much fanfare. Some of the reactions were laudatory; some were less so (who can resist a man-bun joke, after all?). Caity Weaver, writing at GQ, got to follow the creative process leading to the new dolls’ release. Through her eyes, we learn how even an attempt to “celebrate diversity” often requires so much semantic and design acrobatics that it’s not very clear who the celebration is for, and who might still be excluded from it. Case in point: the tortured internal discussions at Mattel around what to call the “heavier” version of Barbie’s companion — after they’d already decided not to make him fat (“You don’t want to go too much,” as Ray Cavalluzzi, a Mattel sculptor, put it).

“With Barbie [it was]…

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